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Web Development. 

Developing brands for good.

We bring value to brands with new software and applications. We love working with people who share our passion and understand that design can change the way consumers and brands interact.

Frontend development expertise includes:

Fully responsive web platforms 
Accessibility and compliance
Angular, React and React Native
Custom and headless CMS
Custom animations
Progressive Web Apps


SEO or Search Engine Optimization

By optimising a website for search engines, you are in essence feeding the search engine clues to find and index your website and in turn generate traffic and links to and from your website.

CD is proud to have many clients that rank very well and that are listed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing when searching for that clients specific product or service. 


Web hosting vs domain names

Web hosting is the rented space on a server, allocated to your website, where all your website files are stored. Your domain name is the address that points to your website so your visitors can find you. 

CD provides an complete HOSTING package for your domain and Emails. We have been served by XNEELO for many years amdare proud to be assotiated with them.


Social Media

Facebook is the ultimate social network. It's a platform primed for sharing every kind of content, from articles and ads to live video, memes and more. With more than a billion active users worldwide, the potential for your business is immense.

 You will be reaching a narrower audience, but it will also be a more focused one.

With CD's Advertisments that we place in Groups you will reach your audience in a targeted manner.


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